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Manna Ministries — Every Other Thursday 6pm-8pm

Our main mission is to give out the gospel, the good news that Jesus saves. Of course, our 2nd mission is to give food to those in need. The money to support this ministry comes from donations mainly from our body here at The Dwelling Place. We have several volunteer teams, picking up the food, unloading the trailer, stocking shelves, helping serve our clients, cleaning, behind the scene jobs. Our food distribution starts off with a "mini-sermon" always including a salvation message. God has opened doors for us to pray with our clients and one another. We have seen lives changed. Most of the food is purchased from the Food Bank of Iowa in Des Moines at a cost of about 14 cents a pound. We do take donations of food as long as it's in its original package and hasn't expired. In past years the ministry has averaged 50,000 pounds of food, given away, a year. There are no restrictions on where the clients live or their income levels. Freely we have received and freely we will give.
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Services: Sun 10AM, 6PM / Wed 7PM
303 GALLUP ROAD E HWY 30, JEFFERSON, IA 50129 /View Map
CONTACT515.386.8576 /
THE DWELLING PLACE - March 19, 2018